Lime and Purple Tie BackDon’t just stop at curtains and a sofa! If you truly want to create an ideal

design that successfully represents your chosen theme, accessories are a

fantastic extra.For every curtains there is a tie back, for every heading there is

a pole, for every sofa there is a coordinating cushion, for every paint colour

there is a feature wallpaper, for every blind there is a trimming and for every

bed there is a bed throw. Explore our extensive selection of numerous

accessories in our show room.


Whether is it for a sofa, arm chair or for your bed. Choose your filling

depending on comfort and luxury between hollow fibre and feather. Choose

your fabric, whether the same as your sofa or a contrasting colour for that

ultimate impact. Finish off with a choice of studs, buttons, frills, trimmings

and tassels. Make each one completely unique and individual to you.


Tie Backs – Make your new beautiful Made-to-Measure curtains look that

extra special by adding a coordinating tie back. Whether modern or

traditional, there is a tie back to suit.


Sanderson_Vintage_Swallows-Wallpaper-460x583Wallpaper – Whether for an entire room or for a feature wall, we are sure to

have a wallpaper that suits your tastes. Our extensive library will intrigue and

amaze you at the wide array of plains, stripes, patterns and textures available.

From retro to dainty and from bold to simplistic – Cool and Classic will be able

to supply you.


Bed Linen – If your bedroom needs a change but a whole redesign is

not necessary, why not have Cool and Classic make you bespoke bed

throws, cushion and bolsters for you. We even upholster headboards!


Trimmings – Our vast selection of stunning trimmings offers so many options

that really perfect the final touch to any soft furnishing. Choose from piping

cord, glass beads and bullion fringes – all available in either COOL or CLASSIC

designs and styles!