Office Roman BlindRoller Blinds…

Our smart range of Roller Blinds is sure to fascinate you. We have hundreds of

designs, colours and textures to choose from, from Blackout to Semi-

Transparent.Simplistic and elegant, roller blinds are ideal for a contemporary

minimalistic look and have proven to suit rooms such as children’s bedrooms,

bathrooms and kitchen windows. Change a basic roller blind into something

completely individual and unique by exploring several extra options. Whether

it’s modifying the bottom finish or adding decorative eyelets, there is always a

suitable option.


Roman Blinds…

Roman Blinds are becoming increasingly popular and really have the WOW

factor at any window. With an elegant and contemporary movement, the

roman blind suits both traditional and modern interiors and looks

beautiful when made in any of our suitable fabrics.



Add blind pulls, trims, chrome control chains and pelmets to any roller blind to instantly achieve a stunning

impression at any window. Come in store to our showroom to view some display examples that we had fun




Our made to measure service ensures whichever window you ask us to furnish, each item will be skillfully

supplied and fitted to the exact measurements. Ask Cool and Classic to quote for you today and we will be sure to

make each item bespoke to your room. Alternatively, book a consultation where our Senior Interior Designer,

Rachael Ives will discuss fabric possibilities, give advice and take accurate measurements to produce a no

obligation quote.