Interior Design

3D Room Layout

3D Room Images…

Be creative and join in with our Senior Interior

Designer, Rachael Ives, on your next decorating

adventure. She has the creative eye, expertise

and product knowledge to successfully guide you in the

right direction no matter what look or style you wish to

create. Explore avenues you didn’t even know existed!

Whether you want a sleek modern lounge, a

traditionally classic dining room, a shabby chic

bedroom or a funky retro bathroom, feel confident

knowing that Rachael will help you not just create your

desired result, but you’ll enjoy the experience

of creating it too!



Colour Schemes…

Start the process rolling by giving Rachael an insight into your current ideas, tastes and your likes and dislikes. She

will then take your ideas, build on them, expand them and add individual unique qualities that will truly make your

new design completely unique. She will ensure that your ideas will reach their full potential until you are 100%

satisfied with the final idea. Feel free to make amendments to any idea as it is ultimately your home and we are

only fully happy with the choices and design, when you are fully happy with the choices and design.

Birds Eye Floor Plan

Room Layouts…

Discuss colour schemes, room layouts, themes, lighting and much much

more. Explore options such as a Moroccan style design with beautifully

carved tables, vibrant colours of authentic spices, and coloured glass lamps.

Add scatter cushions, rugs, upholstered arm chairs, up-lighters etc. Anything

you like! Work freely with Rachael to come to an agreed room layout that

provides optimum space and natural light so your room is laid out to its

most successful design.

Design Service…

Rachael believes the home is a representation of its owner. She will always

design based on what YOU like and YOUR characteristics. Here at Cool and

Classic, we understand that current trends and fashions are continuously

changing. We design and install products that are expected to last many

many years and therefore going with the current trends just isn’t the way we

work! Ultimately, your tastes will remain far longer than the most recent

fashion and therefore that is the basis for our design. It is this intricate and

detailed one to one service that all our customers appreciate and we would

love to provide the same for you.


Begin this exciting journey of redesigning and call us today to book your consultation with Rachael now, on

01234 327109. Alternatively, drop her an email on